Sex videos and the mighty taxes

Taxes are a disease that no one is immune from, this includes porn stars, sex workers and of course anyone who makes money from sex videos.

So it might be wise for girls who are making thousands of dollars on platforms like onlyfans to keep the receipts for those sexy outfits, gloves and all the lub they use to make their pornofilms, after all, it might be tax deductible.

If you live in the U.S. and make a living with sex videos you should be a little more concerned about this issue, as California is looking to increase the percentage that sex workers and the pornography industry pay to the IRS.

Should They Do The Same In European Countries?

This is certainly quite difficult to answer, of course it will depend on the tax authorities of each country or at least of the European Union.

There are many variables to take into account, for example, there are many places in the European Union where prostitution and even sex videos are illegal and in the countries where it is not, it is quite likely that they do not want to declare taxes under the label “Sex Worker”.

Sex Videos And The Mighty Taxes

The truth is that prostitution and making a living by making sex videos is still a job and therefore should be taxed to contribute to the nation.

The question is that depending on the industry you work in (stripper, phone sex, porn star, etc) it can be more or less complicated to detect if someone is avoiding paying taxes.

It is a very difficult decision to answer and should be studied by the authorities of each country.

What Could Porn Industry Workers Discard?

As we mentioned earlier, many of the people who make a living making sex videos and then selling them, are self-employed or rather “independent contractors” which would allow them to claim back some work related expenses.

Which leaves room to take off expenses such as buying cameras, sexy lingerie, lighting equipment, etc. It may not be much, but every penny certainly counts when you don’t have health insurance or employer benefits after your job.

Legalizing Sex Work

A good solution to many of the problems that sex work seems to show (among them the payment of taxes), could well be the legalization of all sexual activities.

In this way, in countries where it is considered illegal, less time would be wasted trying to arrest the people who engage in it, more incentive would be given to tax evasion and in turn would help the development of that country.

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